British Columbia sees biofuels as part of 2025 energy self-sufficiency plan

The GLOBE Foundation released a report that found "ample indigenous renewable energy" available in British Columbia for the province to be energy self-sufficient by 2025. Most of the energy would be provided by hydroelectric power, with other renewables - wind, solar, geothermal and ocean energy - all possible in the Canadian province. Electricity generated from biomass sources will create a "bio-electric" economy.
How people will get around is not fully explained at the Renewable Energy Access site where I found this information on the "The Endless Energy Project," but the overall idea is that lifestyles would continue the way they are today, so personal transportation must be part of the study.

Indeed it is. The report sees petroleum imports replaced with indigenous biofuels and electricity, so that implies internal combustion engine vehicles and electric cars will still be on the roads in 2025. Using hybrids, fuel cell cars and electric vehicles, GLOBE forsees a 30 percent drop in domestic transport energy use in 2025 over 2000 numbers. Hydrogen is not mentioned at REA's summary, but the report itself considers hydrogen to be a "clean fuel".

You can download the entire report here.

[Source: REA]

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