Everyone wants better fuel economy, and we all know diesel offers improved mileage over a comparable gas engine. But you can't put diesel fuel into a car powered by a gas engine. Recently, one young man from Berlin realized he mistakenly filled his car with diesel fuel. It probably was an honest oversight. The majority of new cars sold in Europe now run on diesel, so diesel pumps are quite prevalent. But the man foolishly tried to extract the diesel from his tank using a courtesy vacuum cleaner at the filling station. You know what happens next: fumes accumulated in the debris tank, there was a spark and kaboom! The car owner escaped injury but a bystander was burned. No report on how much fuel was actually retrieved or how the owner finally solved his problem. But authorities may charge him with causing a fire and negligent injury. I wonder if biodiesel or SVO would have been any less volatile? Either way, please don't use a vacuum cleaner to flush out a fuel tank.

[Source: iol.co.za]

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