ABG POLL RESULTS: Best way to spend the DOE's money

On the 13th February we posed the question "What is the best way to spend the DOE's money?", and asked you to vote for your favourite answer.

After receiving 290 votes, the results are in and it looks like Lithium Ion battery technology was the clear favourite with 29 percent of the votes. Two other ways areas that were popular for sinking vast amounts of government research grant funds into were algae biodiesel production and solar photovoltaics which were tied on 20 percent each. The rest of the field was further back.

Analysis: I think a renewable energy Smart Grid is the long-term answer, but this wont be made up of just a single technology. Plug-in electric vehicles connected to an intelligent electricity network which utilises a large degree of renewable energy production will require better battery technology and more solar photovoltaics. But EVs aren't appropriate in every situation - highly efficient biodiesel production will be needed as well for larger vehicles like freight trucks and container ships. But for a start, let's get those battery efficiencies up.

Be sure to vote in our next poll - Just how fuel efficient is your vehicle?


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