VIDEO: When EVOs attack! The life and death of a seagull

Picture this: You're tired from a long day of flying. You glide in toward a nice, flat landing spot when, out of nowhere, you hear a high-pitched whine, see a blue streak and POW! You're toast.

So goes the story of an unlucky seagull who met his maker following a chance encounter with a Mitsubishi Evo going 180 mph. Two video cameras were rolling to catch the action, and we've embedded both clips after the jump. In the first one, you can see the speedo maxxed out just prior to impact. At the end of the video glass shards are visible on the dash and tiny bits of feather float in the air. The second video shows the best view of impact. If you have a weak constitution or if you're an animal lover you probably don't want to watch this. Thankfully, neither the driver nor passenger suffered any injuries, and our fine feathered friend never knew what hit him.

Follow the jump to watch the events unfold.

UPDATE: Belated props for Adam for leaving us the link in his comment on yesterday's "The carnage on your windshield" post.

[Source: DSM Video]

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