Hy-Drive, PeopleNet partner for increased trucking fleet fuel efficiency

Last week, the energy technology firm Hy-Drive started using technology from PeopleNet. PeopleNet supplies Internet-based, satellite tracking and mobile communication devices to fleets, and some of these technologies will now be embedded in Hy-Drive system, for better monitoring. Through this partnership, Hy-Drive says it will continue to "demonstrate, verify, and maintain the fuel efficiency and emission reduction benefits that Hy-Drive guarantees to its clients" (think trucking fleets). One customer, a Steve Teeple, president of PolyWog transport in Florida said Hy-Drive helped his fleet get an extra 1.2 miles per gallon. Hy-Drive president Tom Brown said that, "We will now be able to monitor and maintain the fuel efficiencies obtained by our Clean Burn Technology, thus fully supporting the performance guarantees we provide our clients."

Hy-Drive developed a proprietary hydrogen generating system for internal combustion engines that enhances combustion by allowing fuel to burn more completely.

[Source: Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd.]

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