Geneva Leak: Opel Gran Turismo Coupe Concept

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We can only hope this Opel coupe comes to the US as the Saturn Whoop-Ass, SAAB Sonnet, heck, we'd even let them call it the Allante II. For now, it's known as the Opel Gran Turismo Coupe concept. Whatever it gets called is fine with us. It's sure handsome, and if scuttlebutt is true, it can back up the fast profile with real performance. The coupe is rumored to have a 300 hp turbocharged V6 lurking under the cleanly-drawn sheetmetal. That motive force is distributed to all four wheels, and the underpinnings are donated from the next-generation Vectra. Of course the concept is equipped like the full-boat, optioned up model would be (and then some); so it has all the goodies like a hard-disk based infotainment system, parking assistance, and undoubtedly more. We'll get to see this car up close and personal at the Geneva show, which is so close now that we're like 8 year olds on Christmas Eve. For now, we'll have to be satisfied to gaze longingly at these leaked photos that turned up on Spanish website km77.

[Source: km77 via Motor Authority]

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