EDTA on electric drive advocacy, "answers to U.S. oil addiction"

The Electric Drive Transportation Association doesn't only promote vehicles that run purely on electric power. The EDTA likes vehicles that use even a little bit of electric power, combined perhaps with hydrogen, liquid fuel (hybrids) or something else. In a new advocacy piece out this week, the EDTA says that electric drive technologies are "integral to addressing the national security and global environmental challenges associated with oil dependence." You can read the whole thing here.

Similar to the things we heard at last year's EDTA conference, this advocacy "snapshot" calls for new federal funds to furthre related research and development (things like hydrogen fuel cells, better batteries, and PHEVs), performance-based tax incentives, and deploying more electric-drive vehicles and making related infrastructure mainstream. It's certainly a laundry list of wishes from the Feds. The location of last year's conference was just blocks away from Capital Hill in an effort to get the ear of elected officials. I'm sure a lot of them are listening.


[Source: EDTA]

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