CHS CEO Calls for Reality-Based Approach to Energy, Renewable Fuels Future

What type of fuel does a company owned by 350,000 farmers support? If you said E10 ethanol-dinojuice blends, give yourself a point. And add another if you said B2 or B5. You might've thought that farmers would support higher blends of biofuels mixed with petroleum products, but consider that the company in question, CHS Inc., is the nation's largest cooperative petroleum refiner, marketer and distributor as well as the third largest US grain company (CHS also owns 22 percent of US BioEnergy Corp., the nation's second largest ethanol manufacturer). It's got a lot of facets.

John D. Johnson, CHS president and chief executive officer, said this week during the US Department of Agriculture's annual Ag Outlook Conference that, "CHS believes renewable fuels, including corn-based ethanol, offer
tremendous opportunity for our nation, our planet and, in particular, the people of rural America. But we need to be prudent, to continually revisit the big picture and to make certain we recognize and address all of the challenges that are part of renewable fuels ... We at CHS visualize our nation's energy future not as a single pathway, but as a four-lane superhighway, if you will, each lane representing one component of the solution, but all headed in the same direction. We categorize these as fossil fuels, renewable fuels, emerging energy technologies and conservation."

CHS makes Cenex-brand biofuels, including Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster in both B2 and B5 blends and CleanGard, an E10 blend.

[Source: CHS Inc.]

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