The price of being an F1 nerd: 70,000 in personalized plates

The process for getting vanity plates in most states is relatively straight forward: pick up an application, send it in with a check, allow the DMV their sweet time to cross-reference it against a database of every conceivable expletive, sexual perversion or duplicate imaginable, then you're on your way. Not so in the UK.

Head down to your local newsstand and pickup one of the magazines from across the pond and you'll be astounded at the cost of plates displaying cryptic strings of characters that even a tachygraphic texting tween would have difficult deciphering. Prices easily breach the £5,000 mark and that's for some of the more subdued messages.

So when we heard that " F1 FAN" and "F1 NUT" went for a combined £70,000 at a recent auction held by the DVLA, we weren't particularly surprised. Disgusted, yes. Surprised, not so much.

So what do you affix such a costly number plate on to? Well, if you're Stuart Ross, a businessman based in Birmingham, you put your £10,200 "F1 PRO" plate on your Ferrari F40, of course. The aforementioned "F1 NUT," "F1 FAN," "F1 ACE" and "F1 GPX" will find their way onto several Ferraris owned by Raj Dhuna, who runs a performance vehicle hiring firm in the UK.

If you're interested in checking out how the whole process works, head on over to for all the details.


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