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Porsche to offer Cayenne Turbo Hybrid?

The idea of hybrid version of the Porsche Cayenne first surfaced well over a year ago, but now things seem to be firming up. At the Melbourne Auto show this week, Porsche's Australian managing director Michael Winkler revealed that a hybrid Cayenne would be hitting the streets in 2009 and it would be available in Australia. Winkler also said that the system is designed to work with any of the engines in the Cayenne lineup, rather than being limited to only one. That means a hybrid Cayenne Turbo is coming along with the V-6 and NA V-8 models. The hybrid will only be mated to the all wheel drive system and won't be offered in any other models, although if it were, the Panamera would seem a likely candidate, especially given the DCX/BMW hybrid announcement yesterday.

[Source Drive.Com.Au via WindingRoad]

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