Geneva Preview: Peraves Monotracer leans into it

The Peraves MonoTraceris a two seat, fully enclosed body sport bike with a difference. According the press materials, even though the tires are rated for a lean angle of up to 55 degrees, only twenty percent ever exceed 40 degrees and only five exceed 45 degrees. The MonoTracer is equipped with two automatically retractable stabilizer wheels that allow the machine to safely lean up to 52 degrees.

The MonoTracer is powered by a BMW K1200 four cylinder engine and has Recaro seats with three point belts. How many Ducatis can say that? The body work definitely has something of an Audi R8 feel to it as well, particularly the contrasting gray side panels and the profile of the back end. At 52,500 Euro, it sure isn't cheap, but it is unusual.

[Source: MonoTracer via CarScoop]

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