Electric Cars Are For Girls finds electric car dealerships for everyone

I discovered Electric Cars Are For Girls when I was working on my electric cars for women article a few weeks ago. I've been keeping an eye on it since then, and I think this page of Lynne Mason's site is worth reading whether you're a girl or not.

Mason is collecting a list of electric car dealerships in America. So far, she had shops in sixteen states. For the most part, these are places to find NEVs by Zap! or ZENN. With the recent announcement that Miles Automotive has signed up new dealers in the States, this list should surely grow. I know at least one EV seller in Hawaii that hasn't been added to Mason's list. As you might suspect, the state with the most dealerships on the list (12) is California, but Colorado has three and Pennsylvania, Oregon and Nevada have two. If there's a dealer in your area, why not email Mason or leave a comment on this post with the info.

[Source: Electric Cars Are For Girls]

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