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Dodge already offering $500 cash back on Avenger

Americans are apparently suckers for a good bargain. Or maybe we're just addicted to rebates. In what appears to be a growing trend among automakers, Dodge is beginning Avenger sales by offering a sales incentive right off the bat. Granted it's only a small rebate, at $500, but it still strikes us as odd that Dodge doesn't think a brand new model can generate enough interest on its own. Ford and Mazda have done the same thing recently by offering incentives on a couple of fresh models that we thought would be able to create some dealer traffic just by showing up. The midsize Avenger apes the macho styling of the Charger and despite some mixed reviews from the media, it seems to be selling well since being piped into dealerships last month. Even before the national ad campaign has started. We can understand using these incentives to clear out decaying models, but this just seems silly. Maybe Dodge wants to guarantee they have a winner, but in sales it seems you never want to offer a discount until it's asked for. They must know something we don't. According to Kicking Tires, all Avenger trim levels qualify for the $500 rebate, which will expire April 2.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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