Urea, uh, urine: More than just for BlueTec! For batteries too?

While perusing "the internets" for green-like automotive news, I stumbled upon a post about making batteries using various components, including urine. Urea is already in use for the BlueTec system in diesel cars and trucks, how about a hybrid with a urea tank for "rechargeable" batteries. Would this be the answer for all those complaining about the limited range of hybrid cars? Kill two birds with one stone: stop for a potty-break and top-up the batteries!

Alright, in all seriousness now, if this works, there really is no reason not to research and develop it further. Like I alluded to above, if urea can be stored in a tank for use in diesel exhaust filtering, it could surely be used for batteries, right?

Back to being funny: This post extends our history of bringing you strange human (!) and animal-waste derived methods of automotive greenery! YUMMY!

[Source: Weird Asia News via Hugg]

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