The original car vacuum sucked

In the first half of the 20th century, inventors were kind of like the people with eBay stores: they were everywhere. Of course, there were many inventions that helped change the world, but there were some that never really took off. One of these unfortunate invention failures was the car vacuum. A 1932 Popular Science magazine highlighted this nifty little saying:

"Using the exhaust gas of the automobile to clean the upholstery is the accomplishment of a recently invented device. An aluminum attachment is fastened to the exhaust pipe and the engine is allowed to idle. As the exhaust gas passes through this device suction is created at the inlet hole. Collected by a nozzle, the dust and dirt are drawn through the hose and expelled into the air at the rear of the car. It is made in three models, for cars of different size."

That's cool. By putting the vehicle's exhaust to good use this handy little invention was like the plug-in hybrid kit of 1932. Eat your heart out, Dyson guy. This thing never loses suction and you don't have to dump the bin once a week.


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