RIP: Chevy kills off Monte Carlo

A member of the GM Inside News forum posted today that he received an email from General Motors announcing the end of the Monte Carlo. We rang up the General for confirmation and received word that the Monte Carlo is indeed being offed. May 4th will reportedly be the last day you can order a Monte Carlo and production of the car at GM's Oshawa plant in Canada will cease on June 20th. Apparently production of the Monte Carlo is being cancelled to make room for all those extra Malibu orders the automaker is expecting when the new 2008 model sedan begins production in October. This is the sixth generation Monte Carlo, and when asked if we'd see the name return on a new model in the near future, we got the canned answer from GM, "We do not comment on future product." Sigh. Monte Carlo sales were off 64.2% in January of 2007 with only 1,639 units being sold. In 2006, 34,113 units were sold, a slight improvement over 2005.

[Source: GM, GM Inside News]

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