ABG readers ask you to name their vegetable-oil-powered, road-trippin' Benz

AutoblogGreen readers Sacha De'Angeli and Mary Pawlak want to send someone a bunch of food. Things like cheese, crackers, chocolate, tea and coffee. Who will get the food, along with an insulated drink mug? Whoever comes up with the best name for Sacha and Mary's 1982 Mercedes Benz 300TD (with a Greasecar conversion kit) that will leave in about a month and go "from Wisconsin to Oregon. The long way. On vegetable oil."

The duo is driving the Benz on a Vegetable Oil Road Trip, starting at the end of March. The
6200-mile, two-month trip starts out heading east, then south kind of along the southern border of the U.S. until they hit the west coast and the up to Oregon. Like they said, it's the long way.

The car will be powered by biofuels 90 percent of the way, and they want to "educate the public about the viability of sustainable fuels, and meet with biofuel researchers, producers, and enthusiasts along the way." They have their own blog set up, but let's ask them real nice to keep ABG in the loop, shall we?

All the contest submission guidelines are here.

[Source: Sacha]

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