Lengthy interview with Tesla Motors' Martin Eberhard part of video news feature on electric cars

NBC's affiliate in New York came to California to examine electric cars for a 2-part series, and a visit to Tesla Motors was in order. In addition to picking out a few seconds of quotes for the second part, the station is offering the entire 17-minute interview with Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard for your viewing pleasure. Anchor Chuck Scarborough asked Eberhard political as well as environmental and technical questions. The quote I liked best was used in the first of the two reports that offers an overview of electric cars in the U.S., focusing on plug-in hybrids. The manufacturers interviewed echoed earlier cries that battery technology is keeping them from offering plug-ins. But Eberhard says today's batteries are an "enabler" for him to create the Tesla Roadster. The three videos take up almost 25 minutes, so set aside a little time on your lunch hour.

[Source: Chuck Scharborough / NewsChannel 4]

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