Bug friendly? Check out this '55 Chevy hornets nest!

I'll admit that this is old news, but it's the first I had heard of it, so I'll share my findings. I try hard not to disturb the insects and various creatures in my own yard, my dogs sometimes snap at them, though. I almost never use a spray killer, unless someone is coming over who is allergic and we plan to be outside. But, I think that if some yellow-jackets tried to take over my car, I'd draw the line. Henry Coker, of Tallahassee, Alabama, didn't; and take over his car they did!

What started as a "spare tire" sized nest had grown to span the car's entire interior in a matter of six weeks. A normal sized hornets nest contains about 3000 workers and a single queen, and are about the size of a basketball. This nest is slightly bigger than that.

Experts, such as Charles Ray of Auburn University, believe that higher than normal temperatures in the winter months are contributing to the large nests, of which sixty were found in Alabama last year. Does this mean that Al Gore will need another slide in the Documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" that shows the increasing hornet population?

[Source: Popular Science]

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