Brazil moves mandatory B5 target forward to 2010

Brazil has already proved themselves to be an aggressive supporter of ethanol, and currently produces more of the renewable petrol substitute than any other country. Now they're looking to biodiesel as another way to produce a renewable, locally produced fuel. With a significant biodiesel industry already established and growing quickly, the Brazilian government has decided to push forward by moving their planned introduction of a mandatory B5 fuel standard up by three years from 2013 to 2010.

Biodiesel production in Brazil will soon reach 1.3 billion litres per year with 11 production facilities up and running and another 13 about to come online in the next six months. Brazil currently imports around 5 percent of its 40 billion litres per annum diesel requirements - as biodiesel production grows they should be able to phase out diesel imports entirely.

Analysis: Although 5 percent imports are small, it would still be a tremendous achievement for Brazil to completely cease diesel imports. Fewer emissions and renewable, biodiesel looks to be working well for Brazil.

[Source: MacauHub]

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