Toyota to build plant in Mississippi

As Toyota continues its quest for world domination, they've chosen a location in northeastern Mississippi to build a new $800 million plant. The location, known as the Wellspring Project Megasite, is situated well for heavy manufacturing and was surely shopped hard to big industry like automotive manufacturing. The plant is likely to build SUVs, and we'll know for sure when all the politicians, local officials and Toyota representatives formally announce the plant today. Tupelo High School will be left reeling from the hullabaloo that will ensue, we're sure.

At a time of uncertainty and job cuts, It bodes well that Toyota is adding more jobs for US workers. Target production is 150,000 vehicles yearly when the plant is up and running in 2009. Say what you will about Toyota "invading" the US and dethroning our auto industry, we're happy to see US workers getting offered some relief. So many other industries have moved to other countries, taking good blue-collar opportunities with them. Mississippi also just recently attracted Nissan to build a plant in Canton, MS, so at least it looks like some of those laid off GM, Ford, and DCX workers will have someplace to go. We hear there's less snow than in Detroit, too.

Thanks for the tip, Guy!


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