Reclaim the bathroom with Highway Tiles

Just in time for those Spring remodeling projects, American artist Jim Termeer has a beautiful set of ceramic tiles featuring some of the most complex and graceful curves ever engineered by the world's Departments of Transportation. They are black on white depictions of the busiest freeway interchanges from around the globe. The original set of 8 designs was first released in 2004 and has been updated to include a total of 25 designs. Using satellite images, Termeer shows the complexity and fluidity of the designs. In his own words: "These interchanges are some of the most expensive public works projects that take place- which we simply take for granted. However, as seen from space they are beautifully complex and graceful." Within the set of black-on-white glazed tiles, you'll find interchanges from Barcelona, Birmingham, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Niteroi, Prague, Tokyo, and Vienna. Pretty cool and it lets our minds wander to when somebody will release famous racetracks too. Heck, even silhouettes of our favorite cars would be great. Or maybe head gaskets from the worlds most famous motors. Get to work, artists.

[Source: Transport Trends]

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