Now this you have to see to believe. The Hippy Gourmet show (seen on PBS) is not your typical cooking show and the vehicle they featured recently is not your typical people-mover. Not in the least. James, who works on the Hippy Gourmet show, recently wrote a comment on an AutoblogGreen post saying that the team was really inspired by Chris Paine's "Who Killed the Electric Car," so they created a little segment on a solar-powered, robot-pulled chariot, which happens to have the head of George Bush in Roman regalia on it.

The chariot is the invention of Bob Schneeveis, a Stanford professor of neurology, who has a long history of EV vehicle design (some not as practical as others, like his Silver Sofa, a solar-powered spinning two-seater). For the chariot, he uses two 24 volt batteries that draw power from solar panels on the roof of Schneeveis' garage. Even though Schneeveis says in the Hippy Gourmet clip that the reason he made the machine was to examine the efficiency of legs vs. wheels, the chariot naturally has two wheels and the robot's legs have built-in rollerblades.

I'm guessing that since this post features guys in tye-die shirts, a vehicle with an "Impeach Bush" sticker on it and the not-to-subtle Bush-as-Ceaser dress, it isn't going to please some of our regular readers who feel there's too much Bush-bashing going on here (even on posts that don't mention the President at all), but I would feature this vehicle no matter whose head was on the robot. And I want to know more about that three-wheeled EV we briefly see driving into the garage in the clip. I assume it, like the chariot, is a homebrew concoction. You can see some still pictures of the chariot here.

[Source: YouTube and Google, tip from James at the Hippy Gourmet]

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