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Geneva Motor Show: Tramontana supercar cometh

Some would say that the Tramontana supercar looks like a mating experiment between the Plymouth Prowler and the Batmobile. We'll call the looks "unique". Either way, this one-seater will be fast and it will be light. We dig the open wheel look, and the wood accents on the exterior are way sweeter than the Griswald's station wagon, but more than anything else, it's the power that gets our attention. A 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine is sweet in just about any application, but mated to a vehicle with room for one seat and carbon-fiber to reduce weight and you've got a freaking rocket on wheels. You even get to choose your output by switching between 542 and 710 hp.

Love the looks or hate them, the new supercar from Tramontana should be very interesting for whomever is looking out from behind the driver's wheel. The press release is available after the jump.

[Source: via Winding Road]

a.d.TRAMONTANA, presents its production model in the 77th Geneva International Motorshow 2007
Tramontana: half formula 1, half fighter.

First it was the idea, then the model, later the prototype and now, finally, the final genesis has come: the first Tramontana is already ready for its international presentation. Journalists of the whole world are going to meet in the Geneva Motor Show to see, touch and hear for the first time the Tramontana, the only exclusive sports car of Spanish manufacture.

That's right. The Tramontana is already ready for its world debut next 8. March. A.d. TRAMONTANA, the Catalan company that has created it, after years of investigation and development presents the definitive version, and we are not in presence of just any vehicle: the Tramontana does not answer to the classic super-sports car, the best arguments of a formula 1 and a fighter have met together with an aesthetics inspired by the beauty of the
classic ones that marked a historical milestone.

The result? A car of a great technical precision, with a personalized design, 100 % handcrafted for a highly qualified team of professionals. Undoubtedly, a new kind of car for which still a name does not exist, since it
represents a new step in the evolution of its specie.

It is enough to observe the aesthetics to realize its exclusivity, where conjugate retro elements, material of last generation like carbon and magnesium with traditional elements like wood, white gold or leather, without forgetting its high number of customizations. But if
we concentrate on the details, the idea still acquires more force.

Among the definitive solutions of the Tramontana, we find a new electronic system, with full silver wiring and a central engine V12 Biturbo capable of offering a power of 550 CV and 720 CV selectable.

Regarding safety, it is the only sports car of the market that incorporates a carbonfibre monocoque inspired by the design of a formula 1 and made with the same criteria, guaranteeing a high protection to its passengers. A monocoque with 8 deformable zones calculated for the absorption of the impact energy.

On the other hand, this monocoque contributes a lightness and maximum rigidity to the whole, factor that together with its suspension system, only on its market of double wishbones with pushrod and a great length of arms, improves the dynamical aptitudes of the vehicle.

All this elaborated with materials of last generation of aerospace technology like the steel to the cromolibdenium, magnesium and duraluminium.
All this is only a sample of what turns the Tramontana into a special car, a tailored jewel in order that its future owner can feel the best sensations, both urban and sports. A.d.TRAMONTANA has wanted to wait to the Geneva Motorshow to present the new development of the Tramontana.

In this manner, the Swiss city will become the scene which is going to approach the world to this new star of the exclusive super sports cars.

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