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Attorney estimates Carfax correct 60% of the time

Many car-shoppers rely on Carfax to find information that may not be revealed by a dealership or independent seller. With so many cars selling on places like eBay Motors and Auto Trader, Carfax is one of the few ways to get information on a vehicle you've probably never seen in person. Just last month, however, Carfax settled a lawsuit in which it was accused of misleading customers to think it offered more information that it really does. Though the company admitted no wrong doing, many wonder exactly what information Carfax is providing, where it's coming from and whether or not it's accurate. Tim Blake, a Miami attorney specializing in auto fraud, estimates that Carfax is only accurate 60% of the time since Carfax has limited access to insurance and accident reports in the first place.

It's hard to say Carfax isn't worth the money, especially considering it does capture a lot of the unscheduled maintenance that was performed on the vehicle. The lesson here is that while Carfax may be useful if it reveals issues with a potential purchase, a clean bill of health on a car shouldn't necessarily be trusted as the final word. We suggest befriending a bodyshop mechanic and a Magic 8-Ball.

[Source: Baltimore Sun via Straightline Blog]

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