Last Friday there was a presentation of plug-in electric vehicles at the White House and Phoenix MotorCars was there with their AltairNano battery powered SUT. Following the presentation, Dallas Kachan of InsideGreenTech had a chance to talk to AltairNano CEO Alan Gotcher. Gotcher repeated all the usual claims about his company's batteries which sound wonderful. Hopefully in the near future, someone will be able to independently evaluate the claims and either verify that they are accurate, or else debunk them, preferably the former.

Interestingly, the subject of Zap! came up, particularly in light of their recent announcement of plans to build the Zap-X. Gotcher confirmed that AltairNano has been in discussions with Zap! for well over a year but have not yet reached a mutually agreeable business deal. Zap! has ordered some batteries and AltairNano is delivering them. At this point however, nothing is a done deal. If the Zap-X is going to be anything more than vapor - and come anywhere close to the performance claims in the announcement - AltairNano or some other battery maker is going to have to come through, and they'll have to cut a deal.

[Source: InsideGreenTech, thanks to Dallas for the tip]

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