New Jack In The Box commecial crushes 1000 mpg car (we think)

AutoblogGreen reader Wolfgang sent us an email over the weekend describing a new Jack in the Box commercial:
Jack in the Box recently aired a commercial, predictably on Fox that denounces fuel economy. It features an "Aquacar, which gets 1000 miles to the gallon". This "Aquacar" is then demolished by a gigantic hamburger. It is expected that Jack in the Box would align itself with Fox and fuel inefficiency, for all of them celebrate waste and ignorance. Hopefully you can write a piece about the shameful and regressive stance that is exhibited by this commercial.

We'd like to, Wolfgang, we really would, but I'm not the TV-watching type (I'll forgive any of you who want to point out that this post now makes two in a row about something on TV) and I can't find a clip of the commercial online. Does anyone out there know where we can see it, or do you have it saved on your TiVo and want to upload it somewhere for our viewing (dis-)pleasure? Is it as bad as Wolfgang says?

While searching for the ad, I discovered a few things about the white-sphere-headed Jack character that stars in Jack in the Box's commercials: he says he owns a football team called the Carnivores, he owns a Dodge Viper and "several" other classic car. Why do they keep track of this stuff? I can't believe some of the websites I see some days.

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