Is Bond switching to an Audi TT?

Poor 007. They keep on changing his car on him. First they had him in an Aston Martin DB5, followed by a Lotus Esprit, then BMW paid its way in for a few films, before coming back to Aston Martin again for the latest few. (And, as many of our astute commenters will undoubtedly point out, Bond has driven a variety of other vehicles along the way.) But could Audi be next?

A couple days ago a sharp-eyed blogger reported to have seen a new TT wearing "007" plates. Upon inquiring, he was told it was being used in an Audi commercial being filmed the next day. That doesn't necessarily mean it's being used in the next Bond movie, but it's enough to make you think.

While it used to be a matter of automotive casting, product placement has taken center stage in high-profile action flicks like the latest James Bond movies. Ford was smart to buy the rights from BMW for its Aston Martin subsidiary several episodes back, bringing Bond back to his original love, but with the company's future in the balance as it goes to the highest bidder, Audi might be in a better position to peddle its wares in the next 007 film. We'll just have to wait and see.

[Source: E Commerce Nerd via German Car Blog]

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