Eco-Limo offers "green" chauffer service in LA, DC NY and San Francisco

The other day Mike wrote a bout Global Green offering a fleet of environmentally friendlier vehicles to shuttle the glitterati to the red-carpet shooting gauntlet, at the Oscars. Reader Tormod wrote in to tell us of a regular car service known as Eco-Limo that currently operates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and New York.
They offer a fleet of chauffeur driven vehicles ranging from Toyota Prius and Highlander Hybrids to biodiesel-fueled Ford Excursions and other biodiesel, hybrid and CNG vehicles.. The green credentials of any Excursion regardless of the source of the oil it burns is debatable, but the company at least provides options. The company has been providing their services since 2004.

[Source: Eco-Limo, thanks to Tormod for the tip]

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