The Spiga: Lambo Gallardo rendered more gracefully

While we had few problems with how Lamborghini's Gallardo looked, 22-year-old Urgur Sahin apparently thought it needed improving. Several hours of 3D modeling produced Sahin's Lamborghini Spiga Concept. While many CGI improvement projects go overboard and barely resemble the original vehicle, Sahin has taken the Gallardo and smoothed out its less than graceful rear cooling vents and has better integrated the fender vents into the body lines. The greatest improvement, however, could be the rear bumper. Where blocky taillights originally matched shape and size with equally blocky vents, the Spiga utilizes a more curvaceous rear panel with Vanquish-style lamps. The Spiga's exhaust is reminiscent of recent Ford concepts that have almost hidden the pipes within chrome-ringed outlets. Check out the rear shot after the jump.

Spiga, according to Sahin's website, means spike in Italian (though Google translated it to mean "ear," go figure). The moniker refers to the new design's roof, which comes to a spike-like point. That part we can take or leave, but we're digging those Countach-style wheels.

Sahin's website has even more high-res photos of his concept as well as additional samples from his 3D modeling portfolio.

[Source: CarBodyDesign]

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