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Along comes Infomotori to throw accelerant on the raging fire of Dino speculation. The return of the Dino has been rumored far and wide, and we'd all love to see a Ferrari that may be a little more obtainable for us plebians. Andrea Rosati has dreamed up a car that looks an awful lot like what we've already seen in the form of the 420 Dino. One welcome change from 99% of Ferrari pictures out there is Rosati's use of giallo instead of the ubiquitous rosso. Speculative minds churning feverishly, Infomotori goes on to imagine a 300hp V6 displacing 3.0 liters offering up performance on par with the Porsche Boxster.

True or not, the idea of an entry-level Ferrari never fails to excite. It's not the flat-out performance, but the entire package. Sumptuous old-world interiors, unabashed style (sometimes good, sometimes bad, always engaging), glorious sounds from the machinery -- these cars are not about shuttling you around from chore to chore. Ferraris are about the the goods under the skin. We have no doubt that the new Dino will be the bottom of the range should it ever emerge, but there will be nothing cheap or second-rate about it. Every marque needs to have an entry point, and a Dino would likely be in $100,000 territory. Still, it'd be cheaper than its stablemates - and there is no such thing as a cheap Ferrari. A "project car" Mondial will still run you 10 grand.

[Source: Infomotori]

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