Spy Shots: BMW Z4 (not Z9)

Way back in January, we saw pictures of what many thought was the new Z9, but we Autobloggers weren't so sure. The folks over at KGP Photography captured a series of spy shots that shows that it's extremely likely that this future BMW is likely the Z4 or even a still smaller Z2.

The size of the vehicle, which led many to believe that it was an ultra-exclusive Z9, is turning out to be little more than clever camo. Obvious gaps at the base of the windshield show four to six inches between the padding and the actual vehicle. Also visible were cloth seats, which could be evidence of a less pricey convertible. The mythic Z9 has been a dream to BMW enthusiasts all over the world, but we're sure they won't mind a more affordable Bimmer roadster either.

[Source: Winding Road]

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