More information - with video - on the Air Car, as mentioned by Discovery Channel's Future Cars

I remember watching this episode of Beyond Tomorrow a while back. There were two competing designers working on cars powered by compressed air. The idea is far from new, but these designers were actually taking the time and money that is necessary to develop their ideas to a commercial stage. The idea seems sound, as the tank of compressed air is really a "battery" of sorts that transfers its energy to a motor of some sort. The Focusing on the Air Car for a moment, it has a maximum top speed of 68 mph and can travel 125 miles on one tank of compressed air. This machine is rather small, and suitable for commuting and urban purposes more than anything else. Further designs could feature larger air tanks and engines for faster travel and longer distances.

Does this make more sense than hydrogen? After all, hydrogen is just a carrier of energy, as is the tank of compressed air. Hydrogen must be compressed and carried in special containers, as does the air. A small motor, even one that is powered by solar electricity, could turn a compressor to help keep the air cylinders or tanks "charged up", or inflated. What are your opinions of these ideas?

[Source: Air Car via Celsias via Hugg]

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