If you are getting tired of three-wheels, sorry about that. But, there has been a good deal of news to cover these days on the topic. We covered the Silence PT2 just a little while ago, and that story was quite popular with our readers. So, now I bring you a video of the vehicle in action. Unfortunately, I don't speak French, so I can't quite tell what they are saying. But, that does not matter to me, because what I am really interested in hearing that this car is in fact silent. Listen close and all you hear is the gentle whine of the motor and gears. I find it rather peaceful, myself. Not that I don't appreciate a good sounding V8, of course. But, for normal urban driving, I'll take the peace and quiet, thanks. Enjoy the video and the great footage of the PT2!

If you liked that, you are sure to like the video after the jump of the E-Volution kit from G-2.

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[Source: YouTube via Hugg]

This is another cool three-wheeler! Enjoy!

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