GM recalls Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia for faulty airbag sensors

The KickingTires blog at is reporting GM has recalled its new 2007 Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia full-size CUVs for potentially faulty airbag sensors. The problem is reportedly software related, meaning it can be fixed with a trip to the dealer and a quick patch, but every single unit sold since they went on sale in December is affected by the recall. Letters went out yesterday to owners of the Saturn Outlook and will be sent on February 28th for GMC Acadia owners.

This is not a recall mandated by the NHTSA, but rather one initiated by GM itself after the problem was discovered internally. The potentialy faulty sensor in question controls the front airbags' deployment. While this potentially faulty sensor in the Outlook and Acadia could cause injury, GM apparently caught it quickly and the fix should be cheap, easy and fast for them to apply to every vehicle affected by the recall.


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