Oettinger Audi TT goes for slick

One peek at Autoblog's SEMA photo gallery and you'll see that there are many different ways to customize and personalize an automobile. Many go for the 'over the top' look, but some like to keep things tasteful. Oettinger has done an absolutely fantastic job on the already good-looking Audi TT by giving it even classier lines and a more exclusive feel. The vehicle receives elegant skirting all-around, stainless steel quad exhaust pipes, and one of the hottest sets of 20' rims anywhere.

Of course power had to be upgraded and Oettinger gives two options, both from Audi's sterling 2.0L turbo setup. The first gives you 235 HP and a torque number of 280 lb ft, which quite a bit more kick than the standard 2.0 TT. The Hesse tuner kit makes things really interesting with 350 HP and 347 lb ft by adding the larger Oettinger charger in addition to a modified injection pump, adapted FSI injection nozzles, and an enhanced charged air cooler . The added boost will give you 0-60 times in the 5.6-second range. Subtle or loud, we think it would be hard to go wrong with this beauty.

[Source: Fourtitude.com]

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