Crossover Crazy: Mazda has five people-haulers from which to choose

The well-known zoom-zoom tag-line in every Mazda commercial is being tested by a flood of crossover vehicles that don't exactly fit the company's sporty persona. To complicate things further, all five vehicles are close in price, with the difference from bottom to top being a mere $11,400.

CX-9: Minivan replacement, seats seven

CX-7: Sporty and quick, seats five

Tribute: Seats five, SUV looks

Mazda5: Seats six, minivan-like

Mazda6 Sport Wagon: Not a crossover, but definitely a people and stuff-hauler

Of course Mazda tells anyone willing to listen that the vehicles all have specific demographic targets. The new CX-9, for example, replaces the slow-selling MPV minivan. The CX-7 has drawn rave reviews for its sporty styling and direct inject turbo engine. In addition, we've yet to come by anyone with bad things to say about the Mazda5. The point, though, is how many people movers in a single lineup constitutes too many?

[Source: AutoWeek]

The Mazda3 is still a great vehicle in its forth model-year

All five vehicles are projected to have combined 135,000 annual sales, which wouldn't beat Ford Escape sales numbers strait-up. The company is based off sporty pretenses. The Mazda3, Mazda6, and RX8 are all four or more model years old. All of these crossovers may be great handling vehicles, but at some point Mazda is going to need to throw in another Sedan or maybe a coupe. We love new product, but we don't all have three kids and a dog.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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