Man loses dream cars when out of control SUV lands on them

Ouch. A 21-year-old woman who was allegedly driving too fast apparently lost control of her Mercury SUV and skidded through a yard before going airborne and landing in the garage of another home next door. When the Mountaineer came to rest, it had inadvertently unpimped the rides of one Frank Taylor. Taylor's beloved 1980 Corvette and his brand new BMW were parked inside the garage at the time. The cars were given a custom body makeover courtesy of the Merc's undercarriage. Police suspect that drugs and/or alcohol may have played a part in the incident. Although the driver wasn't injured, the passenger was, and the young lady behind the wheel will most likely be hurting in a different way when charges are filed.

Thanks for the tip, Jeremy!

[Source: KMOV TV]

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