VIDEO: Rinspeed eXasis concept in motion

Less than a week ago we brought you a huge gallery of pics showing this outrageous (even for Rinspeed) glass bullet. Noah then described the eXasis as "an intriguing cross between a vintage Auto Union racer and an off-road buggy, cross-mutated with a cigar and a WWI plane." As its third project with Bayer MaterialScience AG, Rinspeed's eXasis follows the Senso and zaZen concept onto the show circuit. Featuring an aluminum frame with a clear plastic body and floor, it's a road-going glass-bottom boat that one-ups the Ariel Atom in the visibility department. Powered by a 150-hp 750 cc 2-cylinder engine, it won't quite beat the Atom at the track, but still has a power-to-weight ratio that can match a Porsche. A YouTube video of the car follows the jump in which you can listen to the engine as the drivers let 'er rip, then stay around for an analysis of the car and past plastic car efforts by Rinspeed and Bayer reps.

[Source: YouTube]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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