You simply have to see this contraption to believe it. Dubbed the Redneck Rollercoaster, it's a Chevy Cavalier that has had its seats and controls elevated to a position over the front bumper. As you can probably imagine, this makes the car a bit nose heavy and prone to endos, which is the whole point, actually. As these YouTube videos will show, the name of the game here is fun, or insanity, depending on how you look at it. Get a little speed going and slam on the brakes and see if you can touch the ground when the car lifts its rear wheels and catapults you earthward. The first video is a demonstration run but the second gives a detailed rundown of the engineering behind the RR and a basic blueprint on how to build one of your own if you have a spare Cavalier lying around (Don't we all?). Click through for the clips, you went regret it.

[Source: high t3ch]

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