Another answer to an unasked question: Saab's Little White Purse

We're not sure why strains of " Little Green Bag" are going through our head. Perhaps because it's about as funky as this little white purse. Saab teamed up with fashion designer Osman Yousefzada to create "The Little White Purse." The impetus behind the lash-up is to reduce the approximately one day per year the average woman spends digging around for her keys. This from the car company that mounts the ignition lock on the floor. It costs about $150, and is constructed of Italian leather and a nice, heavy silver plated chain. The compact purse (isn't it always the case, the more you spend, the less you get when you're buying designer goods?) can fit inside another purse, be worn as a necklace, or used as a torture device. Like any good exclusive Euro accessory, the Little White Purse isn't available in the US, but you can order it through the Saab UK website. We have two more pictures of the purse in action on the arm of a young woman after the jump.

[Source: gizmag]

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