Volvo Trucks to display parallel hybrid diesel-electric system at U.K. show

Volvo Trucks, which has full control of the Mack Trucks brand in North America and Renault Trucks in Europe, will be showing off an example of their hybrid diesel–electric D7 engine and I-SAM (Integrated Starter, Alternator Motor) drivetrain system at the Commercial Vehicle Show to be held in Birmingham, U.K. in late April.

The D7 engine and I-SAM have been developed in-house by Volvo and is a parallel hybrid system where the diesel engine and electric motors can work independently of each other. Thanks to efficient interaction between the two power sources, a smaller diesel engine can be used without compromising on performance. Incorporating regenerative breaking, the system is also highly efficient in stop-start urban environments where tests results have indicated that fuel savings of up to 35 are possible. Other features of the system are significant reductions in emissions and noise levels.

Also on display at the Volvo stand will be the recently-launched 540 hp / 402 kW version of the new Volvo FH16 truck as well as examples of the new FL and FE ranges, making their first appearance at the CV Show.

Analysis: 35 percent is a massive fuel saving around urban centres where the reduction in emissions will also be really appreciated. We first covered the D7 back in August last year and its good to see it's now on the market. I want to see government agencies as a start mandating use of hybrid trucks for their own fleets to send a positive message to the market.

[Source: Easier Motoring]

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