New Mexico official reportedly preparing for Tesla to open factory in Albuquerque

A report in the Albuquerque Tribune says a PR official from the state's economic development office is drafting a news release announcing that Tesla will build its first plant in Albuquerque. Later the official said the state wouldn't release any news. Then came an official statement saying the state will not confirm or deny any discussions with any company for any relocation or expansion.

Meanwhile, an Arizona newspaper is reporting that Tesla will announce early next week whether or not Flagstaff gets the plant. Flagstaff is in the running with Albuquerque and Contra Costa County in California. Flagstaff officials refuse to discuss any incentive packages offered the company.

The proposed plant will build Tesla's WhiteStar project, a 4-door sedan. The Tesla Roadster, shown above during testing, is expected to be delivered to customers later this year but is being built in England.

UPDATE: It's official.

[Source: Albuquerque Tribune]

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