There have been various rumors floating around about alternative power-trains that Porsche was looking at installing in the Cayenne SUV and potentially other models. Now Porsche has put a stop to at least one rumor. They have decided that they definitely will not be putting diesel engines in any of their vehicles. Porsche is trying to develop drivetrains that will allow them to meet new EU carbon dioxide emissions standards of 120g/km.

Porsche claims they have ruled out diesels because even though they are more efficient, they emit more NOx and particulates and are therefore no better than gas engines overall. With new clean diesel technologies this seems like a dubious argument and more likely they just don't think that a diesel would fit the character of a Porsche. Of course the Cayenne doesn't really fit the character of a Porsche either, but that's another story. Instead Porsche will develop a 15 percent more efficient engine for the next generation Cayenne and is also developing hybrid technology, probably in cooperation with VW with whom they share the Cayenne platform for the Toureg and Q7.

[Source: Just-Auto - subscription required]

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