Hybrids dangerous for accident first responders?

If you're the first responder to a traffic accident involving a hybrid, does the fact that there are batteries on-board make it more dangerous? Missouri seems to think so and will be putting nearly 1,800 first responders through essential training during the next two months so that they will know how to deal with this potentially dangerous situation. High-voltage hybrid vehicle battery systems won't be the only technology covered by the training though, issues around undeployed airbags will also be dealt with.

Analysis: The dangers of petrol and diesel spills in vehicle crashes are pretty well known by this point, even with Hollywood's enthusiasm to blow them completely out of proportion. But if you're using the Jaws Of Life to cut a door out and the side curtain airbag deploys, that could be a big problem, likewise with on-board hybrid battery systems. Training of this type will only have to increase in the future if the use of hydrogen fuel cells and related technologies become wide spread.

[Source: Moberly Monitor]

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