It's turning into Video Day on AutoblogGreen. Our latest clip, uploaded to YouTube this week, features the Mercedes Hempcar at the NORML rally in Washington, D.C. a few years ago.

The Hempcar is a bit of a media darling. With it's big marijuana leaf painted on the hood and eager crew, the Hempcar was the subject of 462 interviews during the car's 90-day, 50 city tour that used 600 gallons of hemp fuel. You can read everything you'd ever want to know about it, and see a picture of a police officer in uniform in the car, here.

The most anachronistic bit on the video, which was shot in April of 2001, is when Grayson Sigler, part of the Hempcar Crew, says that biodiesel's high flash point means "You can take it on an airplane with you. It's basically vegetable oil." The science hasn't changed in six years, but airline regulations sure have.

[Source: YouTube via Hugg, thanks again to Linton]

P.S. - I know hemp and weed are different, but, c'mon, you put your weeeed in here.

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