"It's cheaper than regular gas, but that's not the point." No, it's not... but it could help make it easier to make the switch. These commercials for Lovecraft Biofuels highlight a few people who have done conversions on their diesel-powered automobiles to run on biofuels. In one memorable shot, an attractive young lady dumps vegetable oil into her tank, then onto her salad which she proceeds to eat. Another man says that his car "smells like Thai food", which is "good, unless you're hungry."

I think these commercials are well done, and they make the idea of running your car on clean fuels memorable. I'm also sure that it was no accident that young, attractive people were chosen as the spokespeople. Willie is a good spokesperson too, don't get me wrong, but marketing is marketing, after all.

See the other commercial and a clip from ABC news about Lovecraft after the break.

[Source: Youtube via Hugg.com]

The other commercial:

And the ABC Spot:

What do you think of the commercials? Do they get the message across?

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