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eBay Find of the Day: Original Pink Panther car

Here's a special item that can tell the love of your life how truly unique you think he or she is. This one of a kind pink vehicle was created in the '60s as the real world embodiment of the cartoon car used in the Pink Panther TV show. As the eBay description tells us, "respected" Hollywood builder Jay Ohrberg created this monstrosity fantastic custom. Described as a "limo," it is 23 ft long, 6 ft wide and is powered by a 7-litre engine! It's front-wheel drive for those in snowy climates, and although capable of running on its own, it has only been started occasionally. The seller admits it might need brakes and advises towing it to events where it is sure to draw a crowd. The seller also promises that the rights to use the Pink Panther name are available from MGM as part of the deal. As outrageous as it looks on the outside, the inside looks tailored for Austin Powers. A huge shagfest lounge is what you're greeted with when you drop open the tailgate-like doors. Surely it's seen a lot of lovin'. The seller promises to have it reupholstered, as well. Act now, the opening bid of 75,000 pounds (Approximately US $147,210.00) is the only one up right now with three days left. It's eBay Item number: 190081313567. Sort of reminds us of that wild Nomad from Barrett-Jackson.

[Source: eBay via Random Good Stuff]

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