Schumacher offered open invitation to drive a NASCAR

It's easy to scoff at NASCAR as a sports car enthusiast and fan of other types of motorsports. Heck, even to a British TV presenter, NASCAR offers a lot to ridicule. But as a recently retired seven-time Formula 1 champion, Michael Schumacher seems uniquely qualified to critique this type of automotive entertainment. So he stepped up and said he didn't understand how former competitor Juan Pablo Montoya could be drawn to stock car racing. Perhaps Schumacher's view of NASCAR is a bit naïve, as he was quoted as saying, "What do you do in NASCAR? What is exciting there? I can't see that, running around on ovals."

Obviously Schumacher is unaware that only 90% of NASCAR actually involves running around on ovals. The other ten percent is split between drinking beer, pitching beer, and judging wet t-shirt contests. So there is at least SOME obvious reason to like it. But in answer to Michael's criticism, NASCAR team owner Ray Evernham has extended an open invitation to MS to try a stock car and see what it's like. Evernham apparently thinks some seat time would help change the champ's mind and show off the huge technical strides NASCAR has made in recent years. He wasn't referring to SPEED in HD, and believe it or not, he was serious.

Thanks for the tip, Judd!

[Source: itv]

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