You may or may not have noticed that GM has cut its spending on traditional advertising. It's hard to tell, really, with "This is our country" playing in the back of your mind (mission accomplished). Both TNS Media and GM agree that spending on traditional media was down in 2006, with GM claiming a $300 million drop and TNS Media methodology bringing a number closer to $600 million. What's amazing is that the drop in spending is about equal to the entire advertising budget of Nike.

GM isn't quite putting all that money into an IRA fund, however, as they're spending more money in online marketing and event sponsorship. The Pontiac G5 launch last summer consisted of online-only advertising. Vehicle awareness data has undoubtedly been pored over by GM marketing gurus, seeing if the trend towards less expensive online advertising is worth the risk. Either way, the shift is on from traditional ads to, well, everything else.


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